Adrian Willaert: Musica Nova – the motets


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Following our 2009 CDs of the Petrarca madrigals from Willaert's "Musica Nova" we can now present to you our recording of the monumental and magnificent motets from the same collection. For many years an aura of secrecy surrounded the collection: they were only to be heard in a small select circle of "initiates". After its creation in 1540 it was not til the year 1559 that count Alfonso II d'Este published the collection under the name of "Musica nova" in Venice and thereby gave to the world a musical treasure that has remained unique to this day.

(3 CDs; with comprehensive booklet and all texts; 225 min. of music)

„ [ . . . ] The Willaert sound with its unclouded major and minor chords is wonderfully shown to best effect by the spotless intonation of the ensemble. One notices that the ensemble hasn’t just intermittently recorded a Renaissance CD (in the midst of its Romantic, avant-garde and pop productions), but that it has dedicated itself to this specific repertoire repeatedly and for a long time. The phrasing breathes and the individual voices find an ideal balance between luscious vocal sound and concise articulation of consonants. [ . . . ] Hopefully this recording of the “Musica Nova” motets will allow Willaert to somewhat step out of the shadow of his giant Renaissance contemporaries Lasso and Palestrina. The production undoubtedly has what it takes, since the world could certainly do with a bit more artistic harmony [ . . . ] ”

WDR3 TonArt 2-2013


Title list


  1. Huc me sidereo - Pungentem capiti - De me solus amor 
  2. Dilexi, quoniam exaudet - O Domine libera
  3. Audite insulae - Et posuit 
  4. Haec est domus Domini - Fundavit eam
  5. Verbum supernum prodiens - Se nascens dedit
  6. Confitebor tibi Domine - In quacumque die - Si ambuvalero
  7. Te Deum Patrem ingenitum - Laus Deo Patri
  8. Beati pauperes spiritu - Beatiqui persecutionem
  9. Sustinuimus pacem - Peccavimus cum patribus nostris 
  10. Praeter rerum seriem - Virtus Sancti Spiritus  


  1. Alma Redemptoris Mater - Tu quae genuisti 
  2. Mittit ad Virginem - Exi, qui mitteris - Audit et suscepit 
  3. Benedicta es coelorum Regina - Per illud Ave  
  4. Salve sancta Parens - Virgo Dei Genitrix  
  5. Inviolata, integra et casta - Tua per precata
  6. Confitebor tibi Domine - In quacumque die - Si ambuvalero
  7. Te Deum Patrem ingenitum - Laus Deo Patri
  8. Sub tuum praesidium confugimus
  9. O admirabile commercium – Quando natus es – Rubum quem viderat – Germinavit radix Jesse – Ecce Maria genuit – Mirabile mysterium – Magnum haereditatis mysterium


  1. Aspice Domine – Plorans ploravit in nocte
  2. Peccata mea – Quoniam iniquitatem
  3. Domine, quid multiplicati sunt – Ego dormivi
  4. Pater, peccavi – Quanti mercenarii  
  5. Miserere nostri Deus omnium – Alleva manum tuam
  6. Avertatur obsecro – Inclina, Deus
  7. Omnia quae fecisti – Cognoscimus Domine
  8. Recordare Domine – Patres nostri peccaverunt
  9. Victimae paschali laudes – Dic nobis Maria
  10. Veni Sancte Spiritus – O lux beatissima

Audio samples

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