Renaissance am Rhein

Motets, songs and chansons of the 16th century


Aachen, Dusseldorf, Cleves, Cologne and Liège: these names still evoke the eminence of these locations as major imperial free cities or royal and holy seats several centuries ago. But these cities were also centers of sixteenth century Renaissance musical culture.

Until now, this epoch in the northern Rhineland has been virtually unnoticed and its musical culture long stood in the shadow of the great fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Flemish musicians who were active at the major courts of the time.

Singer Pur joins forces on an exciting adventure to bring musical gems to life, many of which have not been heard since the Renaissance.


Title list

  1. Petit Jean de Latre (ca. 1510 - 1596): Qualis est dilecta mea
  2. Nicolaus Zangius (ca. 1570 - ca. 1618): Tota pulchra es
  3. Andreas Pevernage (1542/43 - 1591): Salve Regina
  4. Konrad Hagius (ca. 1550 - 1616): Oh Herr dein ohr mit gnaden  
  5. Martin Peudargent (ca. 1525/30 - ca. 1594): O Dee cunctiparens
  6. Johannes de Cleve (1528/29 - 1582):
    Mirabilia testimonia tua, Domine  
  7. Johannes de Cleve (1528/29 - 1582): Es wel uns Gott genedig
  8. Orlando di Lasso (1532 - 1594): O Mors, quam amara
  9. Johannes Mangon (ca. 1525 - 1578):
    In craticula te Deum non negavi
  10. Petit Jean de Latre (ca. 1510 - 1596): Comme la rose

Audio samples

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