Roland de Lassus - Biographie musicale vol. II


Roland de Lassus Our latest release, which was recorded as volume II in the series Biographie musicale: Orlando di Lasso for the label Musique en Wallonie, demonstrates Lasso’s productivity during his fruitful years at the flourishing court of Albrecht V. Sacred and secular compositions (motets, songs, chansons, madrigals) in different languages are juxtaposed on this CD, giving evidence of Lasso’s genius to set musical milestones in every genre. Not without reason would he soon after be titled the New Orpheus.

Awarded Caeciliaprijzen 2012 (Belgium) !


Title list

  1. Missa On me l’a dict : Gloria
  2. Vous qui aymés les dames  
  3. Si vous n’estes en bon poinct
  4. Un doulx nenny 
  5. Quanta invidia ti porto avara terra
  6. Se si alto pon gir mie stanche rime 
  7. O mors, quam amara est memoria tua  
  8. Surge, propera, amica mea
  9. Ave color vini clari 
  10. Chi passa per sta strad’a e non sospira  
  11. Tant vous allés, doulce Guillemette 
  12. Magnificat supra Tant vous allés doulx
  13. Vatter unser
  14. Im Lant zu Wirtenberg
  15. Frölich zu sein ist mein manier
  16. Res neque ab infernis
  17. Sidus ex claro veniens Olympo
  18. Edite Caesareo Boiorum

Audio sample

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