Singer Pur sings Sting - Sting a-cappella


All members of Singer Pur admire Sting for his compositions and his lyrics as well. So it was just a matter of time until we let our wish come true to record a cd with only Sting songs. We′ve chosen his best-known songs like Fragile, Every breath you take, Englishman in NY, Fields of gold, They dance alone, to set them in colourful a-cappella versions.

We also feel honoured to present our special guest Dominic Miller, who is for years the guitar player of Sting′s own band.

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Fields of gold
Every little thing she does is magic
A thousand years

Title list

  1. Fields of gold 
  2. Englishman in New York  
  3. Every breath you take 
  4. Every little thing she does is magic
  5. A thousand years
  6. Wrapped around your finger 
  7. Seven days
  8. They dance alone
  9. Fragile 
  10. Straight to my heart
  11. Shape of my heart
  12. Everybody laughed
  13. When we dance 
  14. Let your soul

total 63:21

Audio samples

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