Ahi Vita - Michael Riessler & Singer Pur


Lamenti . . .

an exciting web of compositions by Monteverdi, Gesualdo, Phinot and Striggio around and at times into which the jazz and avant-garde clarinettist Michael Riessler placed own compositions inspired by the originals, as well as improvisations and collages, together with the French improvisation specialist Vincent Courtois on the cello.

In its sound language and experimental joy something quite unheard of.

"...Ahi Vita is recommended as a listening adventure that resists simple solutions and precisely for that reason exerts a particular fascination." (Der Musikmarkt — 03-2004)

Title list

  1. Carlo Gesualdo/Michael Riessler: O dolorosa gioia
  2. Michael Riessler: Ahi lingua, ahi baci 
  3. Michael Riessler: Amor
  4. Claudio Monteverdi: Amor
  5. Allesandro Striggio/Michael Riessler: Nasce la pena mia
  6. Michael Riessler: Pleurez mes yeux
  7. Dominique Phinot: Pleurez mes yeux
  8. Michael Riessler: Planxit
  9. Michael Riessler: Cursum
  10. Claudio Monteverdi: Si, ch’io vorrei morire
  11. Michael Riessler: Lugebat
  12. Carlo Gesualdo: Moro lasso
  13. Michael Riessler: Far mi deggio

Audio samples

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