Gavin Bryars - I Tatti Madrigals

I Tatti Madrigals

This recording celebrates the long standing cooperation between the English composer Gavin Bryars, the Villa I Tatti (The Harvard Centre for Italian Renaissance Studies in Florence) and Singer Pur. Thanks to several commissions by the Villa I Tatti, Gavin Bryars completed his Fifth Book of Madrigals, dedicated to Singer Pur, between 2009 and 2013 in his signature moving harmonically rich and text orientated musical language. All madrigals were premiered at I Tatti events, some of the settings of poems by Laura Battiferri even in the church where she is buried.

Our special thanks go to the Villa I Tatti for making it all possible and to all that made our stays there unforgettable experiences, in particular to Kathryn Bosi, who initiated and master minded this magnificent project.

Title list

  1. Cantai, or piango (Petrarca Rime Sparse no. 229) 
  2. I’ piansi, or canto (Petrarca Rime Sparse no. 230)
  3. L’Aura vostr’ alma (Bronzino: In morte del medisimo - Pontormo)
  4. Bronzino in ciel l’alma beata luce (Laura Battiferri: In morte del medisimo – Pontormo)
  5. Qual per l’onde turbate (Laura Battiferri: Sonnet 48 (73))
  6. Fra queste piagge (Laura Battiferri: Sonnet 53 (87))
  7. Ergiti infin (Laura Battiferri: Sonnet 54 (89))
  8. Temprato aer sereno (Laura Battiferri: Sonnet 55 (91)) 
  9. Mentre Sepolto (Bronzino: Del Bronzino Pittore (Sonnet 76))
  10. Se fermo è nel dstin che lacrimando (Laura Battiferri: Risposta (Sonnet 77)  
  11. Chi punto ha ‘l core (Michelangelo Buonarroti il Giovane) 
  12. A qualunque animale – 8-stimmig* (Petrarca Rime Sparse no. 22)
    *Zusätzliche Sänger Priska Eser-Streit (Sopran) und Andreas Pehl (Altus) 

Audio samples

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