Das Hohelied der Liebe - The Song of Songs


The sensual dialogue between lover and beloved which has been handed down to us in the Bible as the Song of Songs has inspired wonderful music throughout the centuries. We put together in a rich and compelling programme some of these masterpieces, amongst them several new compositions, written for Singer Pur by contemporary composers who also found a creative source in this timeless and evocative text. We still perform these beautiful and expressive songs to appreciative audiences around the world.

In November 2006 we finally got round to recording these gems and herewith we present an a cappella cross section of Song of Songs settings, with new compositions written for Singer Pur by Joanne Metcalf and Wilhelm Keller, contemporary pieces by Ivan Moody and Brian Elias, several first recordings of fantastic Renaissance masterpieces, as well as better known Song of Songs settings by Schütz and Dufay.

Title list

  1. Dominique Phinot (um 1510 – um 1555): Surge amica mea  
  2. Ivan Moody (geb. 1964): Canticum Canticorum II (1994)
  3. Ivan Moody: Canticum Canticorum II (1994)  
  4. Ivan Moody: Canticum Canticorum II (1994)
  5. Ivan Moody: Canticum Canticorum II (1994)
  6. Ivan Moody: Canticum Canticorum II (1994)
  7. Ivan Moody: Canticum Canticorum II (1994)
  8. Ivan Moody: Canticum Canticorum II (1994)
  9. Leonhard Lechner (1553 – 1606): Surge amica mea 
  10. Guillaume Dufay (um 1400 – 1474): Anima mea liquefacta est 
  11. Brian Elias (geb. 1948): Song (1986/90)  
  12. Jean Richafort (um 1480 – um 1517): Veni, electa mea  
  13. Heinrich Schütz (1585 – 1672): Ego dormio et cor meum vigilat 
  14. Joanne Metcalf (geb. 1958): Ego dilecto meo (2002) 
  15. John Plummer (um 1410 – 1484): Tota pulchra es 
  16. Ludwig Sennfl (um 1486 – 1542): Tota pulchra es  
  17. Wilhelm Keller (1920 - 2008): Der Gesang der Gesänge (1999) 

Audio samples

David SkudlikCD